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I slumped back onto the couch as she sat up, mouth closed, kissing me on the lips. Her tongue slithered out, greasy with semen, pushing into my mouth....I opened up, letting her in. She opened up, letting my cum flow freely from her mouth to mine before shoving her tongue deep and taking some back. Smacking her lips as she broke the kiss, she suggested we retire to the bedroom. Sensing that it really wasn’t a suggestion, I agreed. “Whatever my Mistress wishes.” Once there, she told me to strip. Supper will be ready in ten minutes. We won't wait on you."Garrett felt a surge of anger rise anew to feed the one he felt when his mother told him his grandfather was dead in such a manner. He was also angry because he died that morning and she didn't even call him at work to tell him.Garrett's face got red and he almost jumped to his feet. He opened his mouth to berate his mother for her attitude but she beat him to the punch, once again letting her bitch out. "Don't you get an attitude with. With one hand she grabs my dick hard, squeezing it almost to the point of pain and with the other she starts to massage my nipple, feeling it grow erect. When she bends down to lick my nipple with her tongue, her other hand loosens its iron clad grip on my cock. Her kisses continue downward until her mouth arrives back to the tip of my head, her hair hiding the view from me, but not diminishing how great it feels. ‘I love you babe,’ I tell her. And with that, she assaults my cock with her mouth. He noticed that she was about an A or B cup, but had an hourglass figure, similar to her daughter. Over her shoulder he saw a man at a chopping board in the kitchen, and Claire on a stool on the opposite side of the counter. He suddenly felt nervous about hugging her in front of Claire and her father. “Come on in, get warm.”Brandon was immediately impressed with Claire’s house. The kitchen looked brand new with heavy marble countertops. Everything was clean and organized. Nothing in the house.

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Indian Girl Friend And Boy Friend Sex indian porn

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