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Bazaar pahunch kar hamne sabjiya lee aur jab lot rahe the to wo todi gand matka kar chal rahi thi. Itane me samne mausi ko ek baigan bechane wala dikh... to wo boli chalo dinu baigan lete hai. Hum baigan wale ke pass gaye, mai mausi ke pichhe khada tha mausi jhuk jhuk kar baigan chant rahi thi tab kai bar unki gand mere laude se takra jati thi. Mausi ne karib 7-8 baigan liye. Jab hum bike ke pass ja rahe the to maine puchh mausi itane lambe aur patale baigan ka kya banao gi to wo achkacha gayee. I picked up and said, "Hello". Who's Dis? There came a very sweet voice. Natasha this side .. Prince? I said - S. He said, where to meet. We will go to Nainital today. Just like my senses flew away. I said while suppressing my happiness, after 2 hours, I will pick you up. I immediately took leave and got ready, quickly booked a car and booked a hotel in Nainital. I booked a single room. I picked him up from where he was told and we were now going to Nainital together. It was as if someone was. The damned devil had used her traitorous body against her to prove a point! He left her sprawled on the bed, panting, to return with a long silken scarf. Her eyes widened warily as he knelt on the bed at her side and gently drew her up the bed so that she lay fully on it. Before she realised his intent, he had wrapped the scarf firmly around her wrists and looped it around the bed post, securing her bound wrists. He stood back, admiring his handwork, as she tugged uselessly on the soft. I could even file for divorce, if I did not like it. She no longer had sex with me. We were only together because of our k**s, who did not know what was going on. It was if she had driven a stake in my heart. Luckily, I was a cuckold, because I hung in there. As time went on, there were even a couple of times when she allowed me to orally clean her up after dates with her boyfriend. I even met her boyfriend, who was 12 years younger then my wife and I.Then, one Saturday, after I brought our.

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