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I knew that. Being honest with him may have implied feelings towards him I didn't have. He was there. He was available. He wasn't my type. Charlotte, ...n the other hand, was easily my type. The only issue was that I was very unlikely to be hers. She could be bi, like me, or she could be a lesbian. Asking a woman out, in a gay bar, while in the company of an openly gay man; what could possibly go wrong?I was slightly over-filled with Dutch courage and about to find out. AJ had pulled a damn fine. They started to undress. One was dressed formally in a suit and the other was in a T-shirt and Cargo.In a sec, they were completely nude. I’m attracted to people with a strong physique and these two were perfectly built. There were no hairs on their body. I saw their male organs ready to push into each other’s holes. Both started to fondle and bite each other’s nipples stroking their male organs. I was both excited and surprised to see the passion and thirst between the two. After a moment of. Michael promised to run each of them through their usually workout while any and everyone watched. The idea had Silk so turned on her pussy was already moist and Michael words made get wetter. Silk couldn't wait to play.Michael led her back to the group. Everyone asked if she was alright to which she said she was fine. Everything went back to normal and Silk noticed Fritz was made to sit farther away from the group. Hans however came over and sat at her feet in almost a guarding manner. Silk. According to the story she has never been unfaithful. While she's doing the wash a guy comes in to wash his stuff. He asks her if he should use bleach on something and she tells him no and then a paragraph later she is on her knees sucking his cock and then she goes back to his room with him and they fuck for the three days her husband is gone."I'm telling you guys, all this is phony shit. Things like that just don't happen in real life" and as all the other guys sitting there agreed with him I.

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