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You can do that all you want." Is that part of the rent?" Could be, Adam, could be."Well, I was no longer a virgin. But I've only had sex once. It was...just wonderful and here we were doing it again, now with Erica up on top and it felt rather different. Still wonderful, still very sexy and erotic but different. I really liked this, with her on top. Not because I'm lazy or anything, just because it felt so good. And, I got to rub her nice boobs as she fucked me.As she moved up and down over me,. But I could only last a total of 6 minutes. Damn she was a beast. Anna then got up , wiped her mouth, unlocked the door and calmly walked out of my room without saying a word. I said the next time I am going to literally fuck the shit out of her. But at least I got my pipes cleaned. What a nice day it turned out to be. Two nice women blowing my horn. A whole week had now passed and 3 times during the week Larry was fucking Prisha at night. He did not have basketball practice for that whole. It was Myra.Myra : I need a drinkHari : Hang on, I need to get dressedMyra: You look hot don’t changeHari was shocked and poured her a drink. Myra sat next to him and started caressing his legs. Hari was stunned and he was soon becoming hard. He was making a tent in his towel. Myra laughed and caught hold of his rod. She started stroking him. Hari told her to stop. Myra laughed and put her hand inside the towel and started stroking him. Hari put her hands around her and have her a deep long wet. He had planned a long evening of foreplay with them and to his delight it was apparent that Sarah and Vi were of a like mind. Their mouths mingling on his organ again had been a thrill, their beauteous faces turned up to him with those knowing glances and lovely laughs as they fed his phallus into each other’s lips. But in their last venture his spontaneous uncontrolled orgasm in response to their exquisite beauties and sensuality had aborted their little orgy too soon. The memory of how he had.

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