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Part of the plan we worked out was that I would have the cell phone and John's second call would be to the cell. I was working in the flowerbed out ba...k. On my knees, digging I had let my fears subside and was enjoying a nice sunny day. I felt the warm sun and the moist soil.As I worked my cell phone buzzed. It was John, and we talked for a while as I worked. Soon after he hung up I went into the pool shower to clean up. While showering a strange sound came through the window. I couldn't place. Her eyes looking intently at the objects of her wanton desires. "Why do they have to be so sexy? I wish I could show those two some of the things I know! I wonder if they have big cocks!" Jean said as she moved her hand down under her dress."Cut! That was perfect Jean! Now we need a little close up of you fingering your pussy. Bob, if you get between her legs you can shoot up. That will make great angle." Paula said as the camera man lay on the ground."Jean is your pussy nice and excited? If. This is how we started chatting.We use to chat almost everyday and slowly we stopped discussing about studies and use to discuss other topics. He use to ask about my hobbies etc.. and i use to ask him how can he manage to live alone and many other things. One day he asked me do i have a bf? i said NO… he told i don’t believe. i asked why? he told that I’m beautiful and sexy then why don’t i have a bf? i said that i never wanted and changed the topic. Normally we use to chat general topics but. "If I may say so, I'm surprised you're not travelling in coach." Oh, that was easy," I grinned. "I bought a ticket."He bridled at my answer and for some unfathomable reason he took offence at my pertness."Now look here, fellow," he snarled. "Are you trying to be funny with me? Do you know who I am?" I'm afraid not and I don't really care," I replied.He began to lift his hand from the hand rest and I laid a finger on the top of his hand and held it to the armrest gently.I watched him with a grim.

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