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It'd never use the extra $40 billion (maybe just the extra $35 billion, to play safe), so that money would sit around forever, doing nothing other tha... collecting interest - an insane $140 million per month! (you can see why Vanessa didn't hesitate to pay an extra $5 million for a building). It wasn't an urgent task, but finding useful purposes for the money needed doing. We weren't interested in getting richer, but in putting what we already had to good use, so didn't have to worry about all. "You have what I need Blue-eyes, and you're going to love giving it to me." Her fully revealed nude body left me jaw-dropped. My eyes drifted from hers, slowly down her body. Her small breasts were full and firm. Her nipples were the width of my thumb, and hard as diamonds. He stomach was flat with a barely visible trail of blond hair running from her naval down between her legs. Her pussy was beautiful. She kept a small tuff of hair above, but shaved everywhere else. As my eyes slowly returned. He kissed me first, and he offered the massages, so it’s not like I’m pressuring him or anything.”“Nobody can resist Cindi’s charms!” I grinned.“Except you!” she laughed. “But as I said in the sauna that day, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! It’s good to be hot; it’s good to be smart; being smart AND hot is unstoppable!”Everyone laughed at that and it was a good way to end the conversation on a positive note. I checked my watch and decided that I had enough time for a sauna before lunch. A few. I pouted in disappointment. “Oh don’t you worry poor baby, I will make sure you get something by the end of the day,” Jane said before standing up and exiting it. Her casualness surprised me as now anyone from my left could see just how unclothed I was. What was the worst was when she went up to James and told him in his ear, “Why don’t you give Rachel a hand with her packing? She appears to be a little… flustered today.” I could sense James’ eyes on me as he nodded to Jane before starting.

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