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Taking a big sigh, he turned off his truck and made his way to the front door. Ann had said she would be waiting inside for him. When he opened the do...r and stepped inside, he saw Ann talking to a woman standing behind a podium. He guessed she was the hostess. Hearing the door open, Ann turned and gave him a big smile.“Hi babe,” she said walking over to him, hugging him, and giving him a kiss. “Will, this is Alicia, my friend from my writing class. She and her husband are the owners of this. I’ll be around if you girls need me. Happy birthday!”And just like that, he was gone. Suzy wanted more than anything to tell him she’d happily trade her private, after school 18th birthday party with her closest friends if it meant she got to stare at him and his perfect smile a little more. THAT would be a far better gift than anything she had gotten yet. Instead, Suzy quietly watched Mr. Franklin leave, his tall frame almost lumbering, but not quite. Suzy always marveled at how Mr. Franklin,. “Swallow it down, like a good cum-guzzling slut!”“Enough of that!” someone else says, as you swallow, spit or drool. “Get the whore on the fucking bed!”You’re lifted into the air and dumped on said bed like a sack of potatoes. “Spread her legs!” someone yells. The amount of reluctance you display still determines how much force the men use, but the result will be the same, your legs pulled apart and a man on top of you, shoving his fat cock into your cunt.He fucks you hard and rough. You must. I thought about it for perhaps a quarter of a second and approached her. “Hey,” I said.She was surprised.“Hi…” she responded.“Dennis.” I extended my hand.“Do I know you?”“No.”That got her thinking about whether she should pursue the conversation or not. She didn’t move so I knew she would.“Nadine.”We shook hands.“How’d it go in there?” I said.“Um…fine I guess?”I didn’t respond. I looked at her in a way that said I expected her to continue.“I mean I’m not pregnant so…” she gestured at nothing.

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