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I felt my cheeksturn red as my shoulders came up to my ears but I still managed to waveand smile back. After we finished our drinks I told Sis that we...had toleave right away because I had to pee really bad. She said, "Silly girl,you'll just use the ladies room." I told her NO WAY and that we neededto leave NOW. She grabbed my by the hand and practically dragged me intothe ladies room. Luckily there was no one else in there. I scamperedquickly into one of the stalls, my heels clicking on the. The grave would be for the hostage. The bandit would be dragged off into the woods. There he would be stripped, and gutted, to make it easier to for the animals to dispose of him.Everyone else except Bob had joined the first group in the clearing. They busied themselves collecting the goods that had been scattered around the campsite. Rob brought a second shovel from their wagon and helped Andrew with the grave.Vanessa found a clean sheet but handed it over to Rebecca and Dana to wrap the body.. Megan said that she had enjoyed it also. At the front door,she asked if she could see Janet again socially. Janet smiled and softlysaid she would like that. Just before she opened her purse for her keys,Megan put her arms around Janet and gave her a soft, gentle kiss on thelips. She held Janet tight but not too tight. Janet almost melted intoMegan's arms and savored the touching of their lips and the mingling oftheir lipsticks during the kiss. As Janet was being kissed, she feltalmost. I was amazed when I saw tears in his eyes. ‘Alan, are you o.k.?’ He shook his head and lowered his eyes for a minute or two. I could see that he looked like he was praying. ‘You’ve been dealt a lousy hand, June. You are doing what you felt you had to, just to survive. I am truly sorry that things have ended up this way for you. I need to go to my home now and think over what you have said. I want to help you, if you will let me. I’m not after your body. I don’t want to see you hurt. How much.

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