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A number of assistants had materialised and the students all began to dance with Giselle bellowing instructions.Suddenly she stopped the music. "All o... you," she said, "dancing is a contact sport. You can't dance properly unless you are close enough for the men to lead and they can only do that with their chests and a bit of help from their left arm. Ladies, don't be coy. I'm not asking anyone to misbehave but, as I say, dancing means body contact so don't be shy. Now, back into the hold."Her. One was obviously the stallion, as he was quick to remind the others who was the master of the field. I laughed as he tried to mount a mare, only to have her walk away leaving him stomping in frustration. "Ha, Just like a man!"Watching the big stallion getting discouraged, reminded me of the man I had just spent the night with. Am I the mare, just walking away, knowing that the stallion in the house is laying there hard as a rock? Will he stomp around when he finds out I left?I was beginning to. She pulled the sheet around her and hurried off to the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind her.Hmmmmm ... I wondered if she was embarrassed knowing I was watching her sleep, hated herself for being such a slut, or simply startled herself, waking to find a naked man beside her in a strange bed.It was definitely one of those... ... or something entirely different.I was certain of that.Colleen emerged from the bathroom and crawled back into bed beside me. Her smile was genuine, if a little. Jason touched his lips to Jamie's and gave her a lingering kiss. Jamie moaned in his mouth. Their kiss became more intense. His hand move up under her top, and cupped one of her breasts. His thumb rubbed over the nipple. His cock stiffened in his underwear.He whispered, "I want you, Jamie."Jamie lifted her T-shirt over her head. She took Jason's hand and led him to Beth's room. Beth didn't hear them enter, and was slightly startled when they both wrapped their arms around her. Both Jamie and.

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