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“Did you like that sweetie”, she asked me. “I loved it. It was fucking amazing. I didn’t think you would swallow it like that.” Then I notic...d a small drop of cum to the left of her mouth. “Looks like you missed some.” I took my finger and wiped it off, and then she grabbed my wrist, and put my hand to her mouth, sucking on my finger to get the cum off. She pulled my finger out of her mouth and said, “Just thought you would like a nice surprise to wake up too.” “Well I really loved it.” “And. I thought maybe you could call her..."Bernice grimaced. "I feel like I'm sticking a needle in her..." I need to know. I've been told I have to do something or it will just drag on..."'Shit. I owe him.' "All right." Miriam?" Bernice?" 'Again?' Miriam stared at her phone. 'I don't need this... '"I'm sorry, but about that talk we had..." What about it?" Pain made Miriam waspish."Did you guys break up? I was just trying to help..."Miriam sighed. "And you did, I'm sure -- but I don't have to like. Willis was standing at the old-fashioned bay window, his head crouched forward as he stared into the grounds. He didn't turn, but he must have heard his mother's footsteps, recognized them, because he asked, "Is she back?" Yes," said Mildred, crossing the room and standing beside her son.He made a choked, cackling sound and Mildred glanced at his face. His mouth was half open, jaw slack and his tongue protruded slightly. "My doll," he mouthed, drooling, "my Doris-doll to play with!" Saliva. " Let me see," said Jerome. "I know a little German."I threw the book over to him and poured myself another cup ofBurgundy as a consolation.I scowled at Jerome as he turned the pages. Eventually he lookedup."Well,?" I asked. "What's in it? Treasure directions,alchemists' formulae, or what?" It depends what you mean," he said. "It seems to be a book ofspells, incantations, maybe witchcraft."I snorted and poured another cup of wine. The old woman had goodtaste in red wines at least. The book was.

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