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She was dressed in white kitten heels and a mid-thigh summer dress topped with a blue cardigan. Her platinum blonde hair and fair skin made her most a...gelic… most fuckable.Despite being the most popular girl in school, I often get to chat to Clarissa in the morning at the bus stop. Admittedly, because she has little choice, as we’re usually alone. To be honest, she suffers me more than anything. But it’s the best 5 minutes of my day.Yet today, she stopped her conversation with her friend and. She came in wobbling slightly on her shoes. Standing in front of me, she timidly asked “Got my money?” She looked a bit nervous and her eyes kept moving around the room. I pointed to the dresser where $100.00 dollars lay. “You know there are two of us, right?” I asked her, not really expecting a reply. She slowly nodded. As far as she knew, we were going to be taking turns. I licked my lips, she was so young and innocent looking, and I was going to enjoy this so much. I could hardly wait. “My. It was only then did I have to cover myself up, mother was on her way up the stairs and was sure to come in my room to say hello to the nurse and ask if I wanted some breakfast. Sure enough mother came in and pleasantries were made and then asked if I wanted some breakfast and a drink, “Just a drink for me” I said “But I’m sure Margaret could do with a drink”“Oh not for me, it’s not long since I had one” she said and looked at me and winked.With that said and the dressing now changed on my leg. Breanna jumped a little at the sudden assault but then started moaning and rolling her hips up into Kyle’s face. Kyle was enjoying the fact that Breanna was getting into this and, with a crazed, revengeful look in his eyes, said, “You like me eating your pussy? I never got the chance to taste your sweet pussy last year.” Breanna loved the dirty talk and, through gritted teeth, replied, “Oh yeah baby! I fucking love your long tongue licking my pussy. Keep eating plea…OH GOD!!” Breana didn’t get.

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