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"Road trip!" she shouted. From nowhere she pulled out and fired off one of her confetti canon. "It'll be a blast!" Sorry girls. I can't risk it. I kno... mirror travel is safe if it's just me and Spike making the journey. There are far too many variables involved if we all tried to go." She smiled. "We'll only be gone for about a day. What could possibly go wrong?"Spike stood tall. "Don't worry guys. I got this. You know I have the princess's back!"Twilight felt a surge in the ambient magic of. .. a woman I worked with... and somehow I'd gotten myself involved in a wager with her. Too weird. Still, I was a good guest and had brought along a bottle of wine, along with some Chinese takeout."Hey," I'd said when Sandra had protested. "It's the least I can do."I knocked on the door and after a few seconds Sandra appeared. It looked as if she'd taken a shower after getting off work (I'd done the same), and like me had changed into something a bit more sensible than a business suit. I'd. I met a girl Vika on the Internet, and it was from my city, at the time she was a student in the third year. One day she invited me to her home.When I knocked, the door was opened by a girl of 20-21, good-looking, I would say - a typical student. She said that her mom is at home, but do not worry if it's just say that I had an old friend from out of town. Vick led me to his room and asked him to wait. She returned to the beacons without a bra and short shorts, her nipples stuck out and I was. Then, I just let my knees drift a little. Oh no mister. That was an accident. I was too absorbed in my Nuclear Science book that I couldnt even understand the title of to keep track of my knees. Honest!If I glanced away from my book, he would look back at whatever he was reading. So then, I spread just a lil more and he checked me out a few time. Then this one time when he looked, I looked at him and I put on a smile to let him know that I knew he was looking up my skirt. He didn’t leave so I.

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