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Yun said that would not be acceptable, that he would tutor me privately if need be. I told him I was willing to try. We made an appointment to meet at...my off-campus apartment that Friday night at 7pm. Yun said that I must be willing to learn. “Oh, I am willing,” I replied with a grin. I prepared for my first tutoring session with him. Armed with my textbook, notebook, cheat sheets and some sexy perfume by Victoria’s Secret, I was ready to get deep into Organic Chemistry (and lure Yun deep. By now it was about 2 in the afternoon and we were getting hungry, she suggested we get dressed and go get something to eat and and do some shopping! We both got dressed grabbed our money that we both had brought and headed on out and went to a fast food joint just a short walk from there! We left from there and immediately went to the sex store that was right there with her saying that it was time to spend some serious money, we were in the sex shop for probably at least an hour and a half or. My warm tight wet pussy would just swallow him up again and again, covering him in my juices, while i would be begging for more. He would slow down, press himself against me, and every time he pulled back he would almost pull it all the way out, and when he went back in he would make it go as deep as possible, teasing me, keeping me at the point where i couldn't control my body, that would try and speed it up, but he wouldn’t have let it! He would have one arm around my chest, to hold me still,. Haven't set a date yet, but probably sometime in June." I bet you're looking forward to that." Hmmmmm," she agreed."I'm sure Bobby is. After all what guy wouldn't want to hold you," he moved closer while her pulse quickened. "With a face and body like yours, you're going to give him a great deal of pleasure."Normally the remark would have received a curt reply, but in her aroused state the girl found Phillipe's observation strangely exciting."Do you think I have a nice body?" she found herself.

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