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The first person I saw when I enter the house was my cousin Natalie , she gave me a huge and kiss and told me Kristen was downstairs waiting for me. ... made quick work of the rest of the welcoming hugs and kisses and scurried to Kristen's room. I wanted so badly to show her my older more mature self. As I walked into the room I could see her laying on her bed in a little pair of red cotton shorts and a white t-shirt. The shorts did not cover her ample ass, and I could see her little white. I never see you. You spend every waking minute of every day in that basement. When you do decide to come out of that hell hole, it's only to grab a quick bite to eat or a few hours sleep. How long has it been since you made love to me? You know I have needs and wants too." I know, I know but fuck you have been busy with Ruth too!" I said hoping that she would calm down but it was like trying to fend off a tennis machine that keeps serving fresh balls while you try to hit the last one.I had. He also took her ample breast in one hand making her think; what her brother wanted. Mom had always kind of joked and complained about the number of girls calling and asking for him although he had moved out of home already; so him, hassling Indre Kaur for sex was beyond the comprehension of the sister. Every time, mom and daughter saw him at the mall or in a park; there was always a different very sexy girl with him, with bouncy tits. Sister had just the enough meat on her tits with those. She is working in my company as a software engineer at senior level. As we studied in same school and college and now working at same company, we are more like a friend than siblings.This incident happened before 6 month when we planned weekend picnic with the office friends at dam site near Lonavala. As per planned, me and my sister reached at decided point we came to know that the picnic was canceled due to urgent office work. It was really shocking and we lost our mood. But we had no option..

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