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The nearby defense platforms and Valbaran carriers were now directing their lasers and what railguns they could muster towards the hive ship too, the ...heer volume of fire was starting to break through the organic vessel’s defenses.Jaeger cheered as a massive explosion suddenly ripped through the hive ship, something in the aft section had ignited, the shrimp-like tail breaking clean off. It was more a wound than anything resembling damage to a ship, its metallic skeleton exposed, its living. He loved how she tasted, of course. Her bottom was absolutely delicious, and while he had tasted many that were quite yummy, hers was far more than usual, no doubt in part due to her being an angel and having celestial flesh. She didn’t have any hair on her ass at all and that smoothness and sleekness felt quite sensual to the touch and to the tongue. The way that she reacted to him, by putting her back into it, even as she tried to concentrate on the TV, that made things all the better, as he. Stay here tonight, stay with me tonight.’ He kissed her gently and then ran his tongue to her earlobe. ‘Bill, I don’t know…’ ‘I want you, I want to please you, make love to you at last. I want to finally see you naked.’ He whispered breathlessly into her ear, still playing with her earlobe. His left hand played with the back of her neck, his right caressed her side from the edge of her bra down to her hip and back up again. ‘You might not like what you see. Bill, I’m not sure.’ ‘Aww, Candy,. “You shoot it. I can,t fucking move!” He snapped back. The creature now arrogantly turned and ran THROUGH the inner section of the perimeter fence then the outer section. It did NOT jump over an eight foot barrier, but passed through then trotted to the nearby thick foliage of a nearby wooded area. There.came a loud roar unlike any a****l I,ve ever heard and it disappeared into the heavily wooded forest. When Steve reported the incident his control room and immediate supervisor found it hard to.

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