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Pleasure shivered through me. I moaned, arching my back as her fingers slipped into my pussy. Not one or two digits, but three. Three wonderful finger... spreading my pussy open. My flesh clenched on her invading digits, the rapture flooding through me.“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “That's it, you naughty whore. You're my bimbo-slave now. My pussy-licking whore. You will love me and will do anything I say!”“Yes, Mistress,” she panted, plunging her fingers faster and faster into my pussy, churning me up.. We kiss and caress very gently…love the feel of warm water running down our skin as we enhance this feeling of pleasure by the feeling of caressing and strokes on our skin…love to rub my chest against your boobs…feeling your hard nipples as I massaged each tit very gently and squeezing your nipples from time to time with one hand while my mouth is busy kissing the forehead and then slowly moving down to your face and the side of your face and cheeks before moving down to the side and back of. I was quickly distracted by the naked woman dancing, if you can call what she was doing dancing, on the small stage on the other side of the room. The place was pretty crowded. The large audience consisted entirely of men. Circulating through the room wearing only the briefest of thongs were half a dozen women delivering drinks and flirting with the men.Undulating female flesh caught my eye as I scanned the room. I turned to look and I saw a woman giving a man a lap dance a couple of tables. Once againrealising that these princess dresses were not suitable for regularcars. Sarah's Snow White dress puffed right up as she got in the car, Ihad to fight through the skirts and petticoats to get at the gear stickand hand break."Ok, Sophie, what is going on?" Sarah asked. "Why is there a strange manin my flat?"I pulled out my phone and brought up her Facebook profile "This is why,you don't live there anymore, you're engaged to be married in six monthsand you live with your fianc?" I.

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