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"She'd said it with so much conviction in her voice I began to wonder what the future might be like for her. Most women, even with bad first experienc...s, go on to love and marry men and have babies. Had her experience soured her permanently?"Are you going out with him again?" I don't think so. We don't have much in common. He can't even draw."I laughed and let the touch of my hand sooth her. She'd broken a barrier and lost some of her innocence, but she trusted me enough to talk to me. A few. "You may call me Mr. X," the tall cloaked guy responded and extending ahand towards the stout one as he was eating another chicken leg, "and hecan be called Morton Renard for the sake of simplicity." Morton thennodded in agreement, muttering, "Indeed," as he resumed eating. Ohgreat, Chloe thought, so one of the top Agency advisors (designated bysingle Alphabet letters) and some analyst I suppose. "So, what's thepurpose of this meeting?"Chloe finally inquired after introductions were made and. She is the daughterof my now deceased second wife. Her husband Daryl isalso deceased. As I pump faster and harder both of herhands grasp for my butt in an attempt to push my cockdeeper. Her eyes began to flicker and roll upward. Butshe grabs my face in her hands and with a throaty voicesays,“Oh my God, daddy, you’re the best fuck I have ever…oh God, oh God, I’m coming. I’m commmmmmmminggggg –again. Oh you wonderful man. You sweet, sweet stud.Ohhhhh, I. Thank you, Madam!"The cane hissed again through the air, delivering yet another angry scarlet weal onto Gloria's furrowed and reddened rump."Sixty Three. Thank you, Madam!"Her tanned and super hard body convulsed as another blistering cut sliced into her, this time finding the crevice where the backs of her well developed and fat-free thighs met her bottom."SIXTY FOUR!! Thank you, Madam!"Gloria counted a hundred more before she finally fell asleep. Then she slipped into the arms of Morpheus.

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