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She could trace that bond, follow it back to the source… and make it freeze. She tried her hardest to concentrate on that as she was pleasured on bo...h sides.She gagged and slurped at the dark drow cock, her tongue wrapped around it as she moved her head back and forth, back and forth. It was hard to think about ice, but she had to. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Khargosh, now a mostly frozen statue of a lounging Orc with a giant erection.She sucked harder on Enora’s cock. She had to. I'm sure she could feel my rising erection pressing against her ass and pussy. She squirmed on my dick for a while, before she kissed me again on the lips with much more passion than the last one. I allowed my hands to wander up and down her back, stopping at her ass.I told her, "Jenna, you're playing with fire here; you know I haven't had a date since your mother left." She slowly unbuttoned the shirt, allowing it to fall open. "Mmmmm, that's what I'd counted on", she answered sexily, shaking. In side I got excited,finally! a chance to talk with Al. Allison took a shower and I was next in line for one,then Mel. After Allison got out of the restroom,I went in. It was steamy and muggy and it smelled like cheap musk perfume or body spray. I turned on the shower and noticed Allison's back pack sitting next to the toilet. OMG! I said to myself, what if?, maybe, I got excited! I sat down on the toilet and looked into her pack. Shit yes! she did leave her dirty panties. I though about it. The barrier gave way easily allowing the hole to expand as more power flowed through and into the runes. Once charged, Kal activated the runes and a glowing magic circle appeared above his arm.Whooping with joy he punched his fist into the air in triumph, and the shield winked out as he lost his concentration. “Oops,” he chuckled. Focusing, he went through the process again: pierce, widen, charge, activate. This time the shield blazed to life in less than a second. After jumping around with.

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