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"And because I want you to, Master." He raised his hand and brought it down sharply, the slap like a spike driven through the quiet in the room. A sma...l noise escaped her as the blow released what little tensions and inhibitions she had left. "One. Thank you, Master." They continued the ritual. Tonight, he stopped at 27, apparently satisfied with the shade of pink her skin was at that point. She slid down and knelt between his legs, looking up into his eyes. She saw something there tonight,. I had been fully measured up as soon as I had officially been enrolled as a network boy. Every possible bit of information about me that would be relevant to the network was put into a biography type circular that was sent to members, along with a few photographs. Network members needed the lads that they chose to be perfect for whatever their particular kinks were. This was one of the scenarios that the biography helped with, they were utterly thorough in everything that they did or. Weighing the pros and cons, but mostly I was fooling myself.I gave my boss at the Strum College of Law research library a month’s notice. I was moving back to Kansas City. Moving back home.But first, I needed to reconsider my ... life, I guess. I’d been feeling alone, feeling sorry for myself. Mi madre had abandoned me when I was only a day old. A series of foster parents.Then, later on, when I had to give up my friends and career, I had gotten that old outcast feeling of isolation. Well, weed. " And so she walked me back to my digs, and left me there to stumble up to my bed, and to lust-filled dreams of her. A couple weeks later I was at another party, when a voice in my ear said, "I hope you won't drink too much tonight." We talked, we danced, and this time it was I who walked Sarah home, and got a kiss on the doorstep as my reward. We started to meet often, and then one Saturday night I didn't get left on the doorstep with a kiss. Sarah turned and asked me in with a sexy smile. .

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