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She told me, this I do remember because I had got over being scared and was intently focused on her, "The first thing you have to do is make a woman f...el good. Do you know how to do that?" I told her I did not. She said that was not a problem. She would show me all I needed to know. All I had to do was exactly what she said and then I would " get yours". She took me by the hand and pulled me on top of her and kissed me softly but urgently. She removed my shirt and opened up the top of her dress. Fair with long hair good sized boobs and slightly plump belly and butts and thighs and good looking Brahmin gal from North Karnataka who usually wore shirts, t-shirts and jeans which accentuated her figure and with lacy bras which outlined her nipples and the tight pants or skirts or jean accentuating her under garments which were obviously sexy styled and high cut. She was married to a surprising typical Chennai guy dark plump and relaxed type who prefers the fair gals. Well they were matched. .We eventually got into a 69....on our sides...stuck each other off simultaneously. God Dam my cock felt good....and I was hoping I was returning the favor. There was no anal or fingering, but he knew just how to twist his fist...scrunch my tight balls and swirl that tongue. Needless to say me being younger and zero experience, I was gonna cum first. I sorta went into nervous mode because I had cum from jerking off before but never with anybody else or while I was in someone's mouth!!! I. “You'll do whatever Kurt wants and love him for as long as he wants you, okay.” “Yeah,” she answered, the shrewish tone vanishing. “Who are …” I hung up on her. Kurt down, just Chris and Tom left to go. “Sluts, let Mary sleep as long as she wants,” I ordered. “Chantelle and Lana should be showing up today.” “They were with you at the Space Needle last week?” Xiu asked. Last Saturday, to celebrate our engagement, I had taken over the entirety of the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. I.

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