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Great butt, great legs. Lots of black pubic hair. Hairier than Diane. That’ll be different. I step to her and put my arms around her naked body and ...ress my very erect cock against her abdomen and kiss her. She wraps her arms around me and kisses back. We’re both running our hands up and down the other. Her butt feels even better than Diane’s.“We better pull your covers back so all we mess up is the sheet, if that’s o.k.” I say as we break a kiss but press against one another. She just grins. . it’s what made you what you are! I don’t know where we’re headed either. . .I know where I’d like it to be headed but I can’t know. On the other hand, maybe you don’t feel the same way about me and I’m some sort of threat.”Geena smiled weakly as she responded, “Teach me how to be a woman. Take me and mold me into the kind of person that turns you on. If I hesitate, push me on. If I resist, take me anyway. Life’s too short to waste time on my hangups.”As we talked, I went to sit beside her and. "Mrs. Jenson," he said. "I appreciate you coming to collect Mal ...Michael. He's been a good prisoner. No violence, no trouble. We thinkhe'll do okay in the world." I understand," Lilly said. "What I don't understand is why I had tocome get him. Why not just put him on a bus? I mean, we aren't togetheranymore."Matthews paused, something on his mind.Then he said this:"Mrs. Jenson, have you heard about the Joyce Newberry Program at MuleCreek?" No. Should I have?" Mrs. Jenson ... let me talk. With strangers and casual acquaintances, she wasusually a lot more charming and deferential. "I don't care what thosepeople do or don't do," was the reason she gave for leaving others totheir own opinions and decisions, no matter how wrong-headed. Those sheloved and cared about, her friends, her family, and Phoebe, in particular,were the ones she graced with her gift of authority on how things shouldand must be done."They should be thankful I don't just go ahead and let them make fools.

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