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He was tall, and would have been taller still had his shoulders not had a pronounced stoop, as though he had spent many years carrying a heavy hair was steel gray, and slicked back to his skull. The face was thin and sharp, his mouth the merest slash above his pointed chin. There were no laugh lines around the mouth or his pale gray eyes, but plenty of deep worry lines on his forehead. He was middle aged, probably about seventy-five or eighty Earth years old, but his manner was that. I found the old tapes of the sessions very illuminating. The elections of the previous November had been a change of power structures. Donna Lee, the current Mayor was largely stripped of her support. Paul Dean and James Dowd either convinced other Aldermen not to run for re-election or to step down. Following the election, they controlled about two-thirds of the votes.I was replacing Jane Karon, Dowd supporter, who resigned Ward Seven after winning an at-large position (four years, instead of. She was also much quieter than normal. More submissive.Later that afternoon Kat gave Alyssa the scoop on her new man, the text messages were flying back and forth. He was a fitness trainer at her gym, that last night was the best sex of her life. Alyssa told her that she saw him nude and that he was huge. Kat only sent back a smile emoji. Kat also mentioned how powerful and impressive he was to be around. She felt more womanly and submissive when he was with her. He did what he wanted when he. When Pat asked her asked her where she would like to dine she surprised him by saying, “Pat, you should know that I am a small town girl at heart and I don’t prefer dining at the fancy type restaurants. Because of that something simple would be fine with me.”“Would you like to have a thin crust pizza that is loaded with Italian sausage, cheese and mushrooms? I do know a restaurant that makes one to kill for.”“That sounds great. I live in the Brittany Towers, unit thirty eight twelve and you can.

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