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. Enjoy it..."John held Laurie tightly as she squirmed and moaned. Each moan with slightly increased urgency. He want to reach down and feel her but k...ew she was lost in her own pleasure. He could feel each time through the twitch of her body when the rotating jet passed over her clit. He felt her hair as her head turned, as if she was listening to some unknown call in the distance, her body tension rising slowly."Ohh... John, I'm so... ohh so close... Just a little... a little more... a little. I feel a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip of my hard cock. As if he can feel it too, he reaches and strokes my cock, smearing the pre-cum on the head, then rubbing my balls gently. I'm in heaven now. His cock is almost fully buried in me. I can feel his head almost rubbing against the end of my fuck tunnel. I push back against him. I want him all. I arch my back more, and push against him as far as I can. He groans. Now he holds my waist by 2 hands. He pulls me and starts thrusting harder and. ”With wet eyes, and still whimpering softly, Angie opened up and sucked the cop’s prick into her mouth, using her tongue and lips to clean it off, then letting it fall out of her mouth and flop between them. The cop finally let go of her hair….then, still standing directly in front of her, stroked his flaccid shaft a few times before shoving it back inside his pants, and pulling up his zipper.He left her sitting on the bed….cuffed, and drenched in semen….as he searched the place for her. My pulse quickened like it does every time I meet with a person I'm about to drop to my knees in front of. He was about five ten, thin and fit wearing tight fitting skinny jeans and a t-shirt. He wasn't bad looking either but had a serious look about him. I introduced myself and we shook hands, mostly for show in case a neighbor was watching, then he followed my through the side door and into the garage. I closed and locked the door and then moved to the middle of the garage next to my car. I.

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Indian indian porn

Indians fucked

Indians fucked

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