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Amy was always a loving wife , very affectionate and loved to make me happy. I felt comforted by this and rolled over pretending to wake up..yawning..... Ohh hey baby.." i whispepered...she replied " Hello Honey" .." what happen? " she asked softly.. looking down at Nia.."Ohh we watched a scary movie , and she was scared to sleep alone". My wife said "Ah huh" with a slight she looked at the crotch of my boxers noticing my still erect cock.." I looked down.." oh... well i cant help it. She pulled my shoes and socks off one at a time and I stepped out of my pants for her, leaving me in just my boxer briefs. Still on her knees, she looked up at my groin, then shot a surprised look up at me and mouthed “What the fuck?” when she noticed the sizable lump in front of her. She took a deep breath and peeled down my tight underwear. My cock sprang out, now hard as a rock. Chelsea just kind of stared at it with a confused look for a few seconds before standing back up. At this point,. Now I’m an engineer student. Any girls and aunties want me means plz contact my mail. Id.Now coming to the story; I was not good at studies so she told me to meet after the class. After the class I saw her. She told me to wait in the staff room. After half an hour she came and asked me y u r not studying well. I said that nothing ma’am. She told me that she want me to score more marks because I’m the only boy very close to her. She told me to come to tuition regularly to my home I will teach u.. ”“Like at Cinque,” he agreed.He fucked me again, and this time he made me cum several times. Then he woke me at dawn and fucked me a third time. By the time he was done this time, I lost count of how many times I came. I was exhausted and fell asleep almost immediately after he came – even Jack was human, for this time he did not have much semen left.He’d left an alarm on the bedside clock and it went off an hour later. He was gone, but I was still tied down to the headboard by my silk scarf. I.

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