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There were four kinds of ice cream on this cone. A strawberry with real chunks of strawberries. A vanilla with chunks of cookies. A chocolate with chu...ks of chocolate and a bit of orange sherbet.“Yes, tomorrow and many days too.” She said.“Willy, where are you going after this?” Jenny asked.“Baby Chickens.” Willy shared.“Then where?” Jenny asked. He was going to the high school’s barn.“Baby fish,” Willy answered.“Then where?” Jenny and the kids had their cones. Next stop was the fish. She shattered John F. Kennedy's record for youngest president, having taken office at thirty-six. Yet, despite all, even she couldn't stop a major crisis from engulfing her country. Five months after Dean was sworn into office, a major domestic terrorist group known as MASK sent troops from all over the world to the US. Dean mobilized the military and declared war on the organization, the first war fought on American soil. Unfortunately, MASK possessed advanced technology, and their enigmatic. I found the address of a laundromat in the phone book. The GPS thingie gave me directions to it. Once there I washed and dried my clothes. I tried to nap sitting up but had terrible luck.I had been pretty miserable on the ride to the laundromat since my hair was still wet. I had that long thick hair that lots of men really dig. I saw a walk in beauty shop in the same center as the laundromat. I am not sure to this day if it was that men loved my hair and I was sick of men, or just the general. “No,” said the cook. “This was for the victory feast after you were dead and your sister was gracing his bed. (Sorry about the pun.)“Those warehousemen can plumb pack it away ... could ... used ta could pack it away. They’re dead and fed to the harbor and someone has to eat all this. You’re handy.”“You knew?” David asked.“The whole town knew ... all of us. You don’t peach on Adams Faxon. He was worse than his father ... and that’s going it some.”“How long have the Faxons been running things?” I.

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