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And the fruit looks nice as well," I quipped.She was wearing two inch high heels with delicate straps around her black stocking clad ankles. Black sil...y stockings covered her mighty fine calves and thighs, leaving a band of white thigh flesh, spanned by suspenders, below a black satin G string tied with cords on her hips. As my eyes continued up her stunning body I admired the intricate silver & black corset / bodice that clung to her fine figure, emphasizing the flare of her hips underneath. He fired one in the head. She dropped like a stone“Sorry Dame. You been great…but the law are the law” He saidThen she got up wounds healed instantly. She grabbed his gun and lifted him up by his neck“What are you?”“Wouldn’t you like to know sugar? But not in a mood to talk. Think my mouth will be occupied on..Other things”That night Sam was torn apart and never seen again.The story takes place 5 days later. It is in 3rd person but you can have the character’s do first person narrations between. Michelle returned to the bedroom and re-appeared a moment later totally bare-breasted under her blouse. I liked that much better. Her breasts swaying when she walked and nipples poking through the transparent material was oh so sexy! I suggested she might want to wear a sweater for a little bit. She still had no idea where we were going. On our drive to the Black Angus I couldn’t help but glance over at Michelle, sitting next to me with a light sweater over her blouse. I thought again about the. ”Terri shrugged. “We never wear suits in here, but if you want to, strip down to your underwear.”Paige blushed furiously. “Uh, I mean, uh, I can’t.”Terri gave her guest another wild grin. “Really?” She gave Paige a long look up and down.Paige blushed again. “Well, I mean, the dress...” She meant the long sundress she had worn tonight. The top was held up by spaghetti straps which crisscrossed across her back, and the material was a very slinky rayon which would show anything worn underneath it..

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