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I suggested that Angie go looking for some softer leaves or dry grass, while I went fishing. I had no line, but fashioned a point onto a slim stick I�...�d found, about 4 ft long, and headed for the lagoon. It wasn’t long before I had a couple of large fish, and as neither of us were keen on raw fish, we then had to try to light a fire. I had been a boy scout, but didn’t have another to rub together, so had to make do with some dry wood, a sharp pointed stick and kindling. It took ages, but finally. That changed the summer of 82, thanks to a growth spurt that added 5 inches to his height and a better understanding of his own body he began to come into his own physically. By senior year Michael was pleased when he looked in the mirror, 6’2, 200lbs lean and muscular build, hazel eyes, long brownish/blond hair he was handsome, not gorgeous in a GQ kind of way but in a rugged healthy manner that lead many a young girl to wonder just what it was that Anna did to keep Michael so…attentive. So,. ”“I know. We were stupid. I should have let you track me. I was, well, I don’t know what I was. There was no reason to keep where I was a secret. I had this half-baked notion that if you didn’t know, then it hyped up the tension, so you’d be even more pleased to see me when I got back.”“But you phoned at midnight.”“Yeah. I told you I was dumb.” She blew him a kiss across the dinner table. “I’ve learned a lot from you... and from what happened. I’ll stop doing dinner if you like.”“Don’t do that,. I'M AFRAID I WILL HURT HER, BUT SHE IS BEGGING FOR MY WHOLE HAND. IT'S TIGHT AT FIRST, BUT SHE RELAXES IN A WAY, THAT I'M ABLE TO SLIDE MY WHOLE HAND IN UP TO MY WRIST.I PUMPED HER ASS A FEW TIMES, WHILE SHE IS RUBBING HER CLIT HARD. MOANING AND BREATHING HARD, SHE BEGINS TO SQUIRT HER HOT SLICK CUM IN MY FACE. I CLOSE MY EYES AND ENJOY HER CUM ON ME, LIKE I WOULD IF I WERE ENJOYING THE RAIN ON MY FACE. I PULL FROM HER ASS, BEND OVER TO LICK AND SUCK HER CLIT. WITH ME SPREADING HER PUSSY,.

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