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Maine gaadi ki speed badhayi aur fatafat ghar pahocha use gaadi se nikala aur utha kar ghar le gaya kamre mein lete jaate hi maine uski dress kholni s...uru ki achanak hi woh jaag gayi mere kapde kyu utaar rahe ho?Taki tu aramse so jaye o phir dheere dheere maine use poora nanga kar diya aur bistar per leta diya woh ab jagi hui thi par mujhe rok nahi rahi thi maine foran use apni aur kheecha aur smooch karne laga.Woh bhi saamne se response dene lagi uski jeeb mere muh ke andar thi aur mere haath. He stretched her legs and started licking her pussy on panty only then he same a side and removed all his dress and became nude I saw his cook which was like a rod of 9 inches. Then I asked why he became nude. He said that his dress will spoil. So I got back. Then he came to mom and removed her panty. He licked her haired pussy and fingered in it. Then he without waiting put his cook in her pussy and fucked her like a mad dog. If my mom was if conscious she would definetly have died due to. Johnny stuffed one of his mother's tits into his mouth, sucking hard as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy, fucking almost frantically. He shoved his hands behind his mother, grabbing the cheeks of her ass. Feeling her panties wet with piss sent him into a frenzy of churning motion. "Ohhhh, I'm going to come, Johnny! " Peggy wailed, tears streaming from her closed eyes. "You're going to make me come! Oh,fuck me harder, Johnny!" The scream boiled from her constricted throat as her cunt. If you can’t cook you’ll find cold sausages in the fridge but if that happens I’ll know your skills as a home-handyman are limited.’ ‘May I stay the night?’ ‘Yes and that will be fifty bucks for all-found.’ ‘Isn’t that over-charging?’ Milly clicked her dentures and said, ‘I wonder where I got that idea from?’ She went off and Kevin went into the kitchen on a journey of discovery. He’d cooked when living in a shared apartment while at college so knew about cooking. There was a TV across the.

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