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Taking care of my angel was far more important to me than paper documents or work. Since my wife's passing, I became a tragic wreck. I was forced out ...f my old job, because I couldnt show up to work from being so brought down and depressed. I stopped eating, stopped doing really anything until my daughter came back from her grandparents house one evening. She went to visit them in the summer; my wife died while she was gone. My parents already explained how "Mommy drank too much apple juice one. I made a stifled greeting to her and went to my locker.“Well?” A voice said from behind me.I turned round to find Mike standing behind me, a curious look on his face.“Well what?” I replied, feeling very confused.“What is your response?” Mike added. I stood there confused. “You know… Claire… COWMA…” Mike added further.“Oh..!” I looked around “Ok, you gotta promise me you won’t tell anyone this…” Mike nodded - a grin on his face. “I promise” He added. “Ok… I would say A” I exclaimed. Mike began. He said nothing and plunged his tongue back into my mouth for round two. I ran my hands through his hair, down his back and onto his arse and thighs as we kissed and slurped together passionately. This time he broke away, and breathing heavily said how hed wanted to fuck me from the moment I opened the door that morning. Somehow, I regained my composure and said that we couldnt do anything right there and then as his colleagues were downstairs. He was still rock hard in his shorts and I was. And when we played Hearts, it was as cut throat as you can imagine. It was exhilarating. We worked together sometimes, like a mated pair, but at other times we tried to cut each other off at the knees, and crowed when we did it.As odd as it may sound, I think that drew us even closer together than we had been. It was a little thing, but working together like that, and feeling confident enough in our relationship to have fun trashing each other too, just stepped things up somehow.And so our.

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