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If I hadn't had plans for the day it would have been nothing new for Jason and I to stay in bed until he was randy and ready for more sex. During Summ...r vacation it was not unusual for us to fuck four or even five times before his dad returned home if neither of us had plans for the day. The first two weeks of his vacation we'd fuck even more times. Once when my husband was on a four day trip to his corporate office, Jason fucked me twelve times between midnight to midnight. I'd kept count,. Finally finished half an hour and perhaps eight orgasms later I got dressed sitting to read. You know that thing with a book? With real pages? Anyway I had just started in when there was a knock at my door. Looking at the clock I could see it as now two a.m.Getting up I looked through the peephole, seeing a tall, rather dark, all I could call him was a beautiful man? Damn! Just the sight of him had both my breasts and vagina tingling and running like a river. Taking a deep breath I. Dorie Lou soon removedthat hope as she stepped forward to reassure Virginia."Your mother and sister are in the next section looking at 'Mother ofthe Bride' outfits and her going away suit. You look frazzled. Go andget yourself a cup of coffee. I'll deal with them."Virginia felt the leaden fear thump to the bottom of her belly again andshe walked like an automaton to the changing area. There she rushed acup of coffee and sat trembling with Simone awaiting the dreaded call.Eventually it came. . She went thru those first bra's like they where shrinking. Then it was prom night. When she came down the stairs, looking like an angel. Her hair flowing, her eyes sparkling, the smile on her face. I loved her, more than life itself. I often had thoughts of her coming to me, naked, as she was showing me her firm young breasts. “Daddy, see how my breasts are growing. When I play with my nipples they get so hard. Do you like them?” Of course I was having a fantasy, i'd never m***** her. .

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